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January 4
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(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
               This contains a lemon, which has dirty content.

               If you do not wish to read this, don’t.

               Thank you! c:


           It had been a shitty day. You barely missed the bus, so you had to walk to school in the rain. You received a detention for being late to class. As the day went on, you found out that you failed two out of the three tests you had taken the week before. Your best friend and you fought last period, so you sat away from each other on the bus. On your way off the bus, you slipped on the last step and fell face-first onto the sidewalk in front of your friend and the entire football team. When you got home, you found out that your little sibling was staying the night at a friend’s house, and your parents had gone out on their second honeymoon.

           ‘Welcome home.’ You thought bitterly as you climbed the stairs and headed into your room.

           You tossed your soaked backpack and jacket onto the floor. With a loud sigh, you flopped onto your bed and reached over to your nightstand. You needed something to take your mind off of the terrible day you had just been the center of. You grabbed a hard candy from the tiny pile and popped it into your mouth. It was (hard candy flavor), your favorite flavor of hard candy.

           “It’s good, isn’t it?”

           “Jesus!” You yelled, clutching a hand over your heart. “Don’t do that to me, Jack!”

           “Sorry.” He chuckled.

           You had become close friends with the clown as the years went on. However, you noticed that he had changed his ways since you were younger. He seemed to look at you different. That might’ve been because puberty hit you after your fifteenth birthday. Your chest grew and you slimmed out a bit more, but you were cursed with acne. You used proactive every day, and it seemed to work. Even though your acne problem had died down since then, you still used it.

           “You’re not sorry.” You snapped, crossing your arms.

           “What’s wrong, (nickname)?” Jack tilted his head. “You don’t sound happy.”

           “I’m not.” You sniffled, dropping your hands to your lap. “I just got through with the worst day ever. You’re the best thing that has happened today.”

           “Aww…” Jack gave you a grin and ruffled your hair.

           “Shut up.” You couldn’t help but chuckle.

           “You’re telling me to shut up?” He smirked, pinching your side.

           “No!” You shrieked, batting his hand away.

           A moment of silence passed and a devious grin plastered itself on his face. You scooted up against the wall, trapped. Suddenly, he began to squeeze your ribs. Squeals and more shrieking escaped your mouth as you feebly fought against him. He moved his long, nimble fingers under your shirt, which made the ticklish feeling even worse. Your struggling got even worse as your lower regions tingled dangerously. You had to get him away.

           “J-Jack!” You cried through your laughter.

           “(name)?” He stopped abruptly, hearing the panic in your voice. “You alright?”

           “Yeah.” You panted. “J-Just….I….”

           You could barely even think about it, let alone say it aloud. He tilted his head, awaiting your words like a slave and its master.

           “I g-get…kind of…” You fidgeted with the hem of your sleeve.

           “You get off on this,” Jack smiled. “Don’t you, (name)?”

           You looked at him, eyes wide with fear. Did he already know? You looked away from him, embarrassed that your secret had been unraveled. Suddenly, you felt his fingers slip under your shirt again. You closed your eyes and bit down on your sleeve as he ran his finger over your bellybutton. His touch was amazingly gentle, but terribly desirable. You fought a moan as a shiver worked its way down your spine. You couldn’t bear to look at him now.

           “J-Jack-“ You started to stammer.

           “Relax, (name)…” His voice was a low, sultry purr. “You deserve a bit of praise now and again.”

           He placed his lips on yours, but they didn’t stay there long. He began to move down your jaw and onto your neck. Almost eagerly, he searched for the most sensitive spot on your neck. He moved his hand down and began to drag his nails across the skin just visible at your waistband. Suddenly, you moaned with a surge of excitement that shot into your lower regions. He chuckled against your skin and sucked at your neck, leaving rosy red marks as he went.

           You only broke contact for a moment as he ripped off your shirt, and tossed his own aside. For a moment, you marveled at his slim abdomen. A soft chuckle escaped his lips and your eyes flashed up to his. It took a moment, but you two finally locked gazes.
           “It’s almost as if you wore this for me.” He whispered.

           You glanced down and realized you had worn your white and (f/c), striped bra. You felt your face turn crimson as he continued his path down your neck. His lips finally moved to your collarbone, which made you giggle. Another one of your ticklish places had been found. He chuckled deeply once more. He brought his hand up and dragged his nails down your collarbone, and onto your breasts. You almost screamed, but instead, a loud moan escaped your lips.

           He seemed to relish in the sounds you made. Jack unhooked your bra and took one of your nipples into his mouth. You arched your back into him, which accidentally allowed his other hand to slip past your waistband and onto your untouched area. As he sucked, his fingers began to message your hips. Light, but breathy laughter escaped your lips. He finally moved his mouth down the center of your chest, and onto your stomach. For a moment, he looked up at you.

           Jack was absorbed in your appearance. Lightly tousled (h/c) hair and lust glazed (e/c) eyes. He never dreamed that he would get to witness you in such a state, but luckily, his charisma had finally won you over. Patience was a virtue that Jack would remember to keep.

           “J-Jack.” You stammered.

           “Hm?” He muttered and looked up at you.

           “C-Can you p-please….” You were putty in his hands. “T-touch…”

           You didn’t even have to finish your sentence. His hand slipped between your wet folds, fingers quickly finding your clit. A moan was drawn from your lips as he began to rub with the already raised bump. He moved back up, still toying with you, to connect your mouths again. Your fingers threaded themselves through his raven colored hair. You groaned, allowing his tongue to slip into your mouth. Both you and Jack then began a complicated tango with just your tongues. Eventually, he won.

           “Jack!” You panted, pulling your head back. “I-I’m gonna…!”

           “Just do it, (name).” He hissed into your ear.

           With a loud cry, you finally came, white liquid spilling onto your blanket. For once, you didn’t care. Even though you had just came, he continued to toy with your clit. You began to fist the blanket and whine out breathless giggles.

           “Did you know,” Jack slipped down so he was face to face with your opening. “That the female area is very sensitive after sex?”

           Your giggles turned into high pitched, orgasmic squeals as he began to lick you. You could feel his tongue dancing within your folds, and soon, in your body. His breath was very cold, so you were also shivering. When he pulled his head up, he flashed you a very dirty smirk. After a moment, you used the last of your energy to flip him onto his back. He gasped, looking up at you with wide eyes.

           “Now,” You returned the smirk. “It’s my turn.”
EDIT: Hey, guys. I am soon going to take this down. I know people love it, but I do not want messages of just this clogging up my feed. I'm sorry. It will be down within the month. 

I've never written anything so.....dirty. :nosebleed:

Of course, I have written lemons before. I've always been shy to put them up, so, this is my first lemon ever posted online. Did you guys like it? Do you want more lemons?? Did you hate it?

Anyway, Laughing Jack belongs to the amazing :iconsnuffbomb: and in this story....

Looks like you belong to Laughing Jack. Lil Butchie learning evil grin 
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